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Monday, November 29, 2010 | 4:17 AM
Recovered. || Back to top.

Hello my readers. So sorry for not updating again...

And wanna apologize that my blog is really boring, without pictures caused Im lazy to upload them =p
Anything more updates can keep updating me at facebook ^^

Hmmm im quite fine these days, time really the best to cure your wounds... Its really did...
Everything been made me quite down that are started far far away from me ... Always remind myself have to move on and forgive and forget...
Maybe I think that my schedule didnt allowed me to think much, I have no time to think unnecesary thing to make me upset though. Class then working in weekdays, and spending some lovely time with my friends or family on weekends =)
Awww friends is so important to me... Thanks to Ee Ling and her family members who brought me a lots of joy in this november =) She invited me to her bro's wedding dinner and party at Muar, Johor. I had a lots of fun at there, it was like a short trip to countryside and town at Muar. We had a lots of nice foods, shop a little and play mahjung and had a lots of great moments at Muar. I went there to have my first time handle make up job for a bridal, Ee Ling's bro wife =) Anyhow, still wanna congrats to Champion and Coco ^^ Thanks to give me an opportunity to get my first experience to do make up for bridal and some family members. Thanks to my academy Diva sent me for outstation to occupied my free time and get more experiences for my career. I had been went to Johor for a few times in this November haha XDD

Really in love with working at outstation =) I had been in city for kinda long long time =p
Recently, indulges in branded stuff which is not a good thing I guess... not good at all =.=
Haha been work really hard these days... haha after I get my iphone 4, then wanna plan to get my driving license as soon as possible, I really couldnt stand with the life without the driving license with me =( I mean I dont really enjoy my friends bring me whenever and sent me back home in a quite long distance... I wanna learn to drive since my family have extra cars arghhhhhh~ Wasted right?? =(
And I wanna plan to get a LV next year? Neverfull MM? Speedy? Hmmmm Im too obsessed bout myself hahaha~ Maybe?? ^^

Another bad thing was... had a little fought with my family.. sigh =( But anyhow, I know these all will get it through very fast... I will work harder ^^

Ahhh almost coming to december then Christmas then welcoming the new year 2011~ Sob sobss
Time flies so fast....Honestly Im such useless cz I dont really achieve all of those plans that I planned for a few months ago =( Must gambateh~~~

Work and classes is only my priority now~
Work smart, work hard, earn more and spend more..... =.=
So that we can stimulate our country's economic problem =pppp

End with loves ❤


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