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Monday, August 30, 2010 | 5:28 AM
❤ It's for the better. || Back to top.

❤ Things that I wanted to achieve till end of year 2010 =)

I just dont wanna waste few more months when comes to 2011 ^^

1) Always be optimistic and postive. Yea, been really down after a broke up almost 3 months ago.. I dont want this kind of me, I want a better, rasional, and find back myself of who I am, a real me, an optimistic girl lastime that I used to. Im tired and sick of myself been suffering because of a guy, he just dont deserve be an issue of my life. Wasting my precious time ~ Ha!!!

2) Work harder and put more effort as much as possible. I've already give up my diploma, Im kinda a lil guilty for not study hard when in college life. But finally I found the thing that I really wanted, really happy to learn many new skills about beauty and fashion make up, my new friends and assignments there. I've gained a lots of priceless and wonderful experience. I wanna work really hard for my make up course though Im going to grauduate soon. =) Hair styling and nail course will be very soon.

3) Lose at least 5kg =p Yea, I know I've been repeated for damn many times to lose weight but it just doesnt make it happen arghhh ~ Blame myself for being a food lover and lazy to exercise. This time hmm.. I dont no whether can make it suceed but I do really wanna try this time ^^ Feel free to jog, swim or move a little more to burn some excessive fats =p Try to eat less high carbs and high sugar and salt food T.T Just to boost up my confidence. =D

4) Save money!!!!! Ahhh I know I cant make it this at all~ Tried and tried many times but failed!!! Cosmetics, heels, outfits and everything nice just killing me soo much!!!! I cant even control myself to get these all !!! Sigh.

5) Self reflection. Sometimes I do feels that I have a lil problem to communicate with people. Am I too talkative? complain a lil too much? Can someone just tell what's my problem? So that I can have the chance to change? Yea, and I do really what's my problem and Im trying ny best to change it. I seriously need some people to wake me up =) But please dont give me alots of pressure.. caused no one's perfect right? Agree?

6) A more healthy better lifestyle. Sigh... I think my life kinda used to wake up at night and sleep at noon. Sometimes when I forced myself to sleep early, but my brain will automatically wake myself up in midnight, which is 4-5am =.=lll Arghh what happened larh??!! Make me so suffer to wake up in the morning when off to class and work =(

7) Be brave, and try new things. I wanna have more courage in everything. My work, my diet plan, make new friends, in love matter and be smart and try new things that I never ever or havent really put effort or succeed before =) I just want to open wide my eyes and mind to accept and learn many new things for a brighter future =) hahahaha

Hmmm I think that's all? ^^ Hohoho~ Update my status here ya =)  Yea, Im kinda fine now. Im glad that I could find back myself of who am I really =)
I feel great~ Needless to care so much like lastime, to miss someone so badly and suffer whenever, wherever or whatever when thinking of him... I can whatever I want to, can really concentrate on my own things and be myself all the time wootz~~ ^^ These are the things that what I do really enjoyed while being single =DDDD
But when I thinking back the memories we had before.. I were just realize that we were really wrong in the begining... I shoudnt.... ah fine... everything is a past already~
But thanks for your memory, I do really felt being loved lastime, I really do =)

Anyhow, really hope myself can achieves the resolution that I written above ^^ Gonna try my best~~ Wakaka ❤

Wish every of my reader have a nice day ahead and all the best in everything =)

Excuse my english caused I do really did not write any summary or eassay after I give up my diplomas =/ Hahas



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