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Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | 3:40 AM
Only time will heals everything. || Back to top.

Hmm already been one months more that I didnt bck here and update a lil. Hmm recent life wasnt that bad though a lil dull but trying to fulfill life with perfect moments..

Yeah, been single for more than a month already.. time passes rly fast.. glad that I started getting used to it already... not that I want to show that Im available or what, just felt that myself growing up a little, learn to cope with those heart broken thingy already, moving on and looks thing with wider sight just trying to give myself some time to let go~

Hmm been work kinda often to make myself busy and trying to detract myself from thinking too much while too free when alone =( Sound abit pathetic? hahaha that's life I guess ^^

Anyhow, I will move on and move on~~~ And work hard and achieve what I want in the future ^^

Gambateh Tracy ~

Wish me luck <3

p/s: 对不起。。 我还是默默地想着你~ 

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