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Thursday, June 10, 2010 | 9:07 AM
Confessions of another broken heart =.= || Back to top.

♥ Life's always unpredictable, and I know have to face unexpected thing everyday...
 Ohh oh my love has been diminished nature and wait for another one to hurt me wahahaha XD So that, I can grow up and being careful and pandai sikit nextime =.= wtf.

Hmm broken hearted and currently back to the previous life.. I think the previous life suits me more, I really dont no to cope with love matter well I guess.. haha its not my problem though, problem was the JERK aka BASTARD and that's a part of my life have to suffer a little so that I can grow up and learn lessons =) Hmm I should think in a good way...

Sometimes I do wonder why other of my friends they could being in a relationship for more than 3-4 years or more... and why I cant meet one.. but mine, hmm perhaps we're still young larh... those who were older said ' Aiya, still young larh, choose wisely and it's just an experience.. ' Yeah, still young ma, what for have to be so serious ohh?!! Let it be naturally bah =)) I admit Im a lil playful though, but I know what's not to do and what we should do. The pity one is the one who falls and into deeper the one who hurt deeper... ahhh why my life should always suffer like this =( damnit ~~

Thanks to all my friends that been comfort me, Im glad that Im not alone, they are always stand by for me =) Im blessed =DDD
KP, Samuel, Mei, Elaine, Cindy, Karlmen, Michael and more~ Thank you so much =))))

But anyhow, thanks for happiness that he brought to me... Romance is just an experience,  there's still long road ahead~ Love is a part of life that we should face to,  so be tough and strong because we always live for ourselves but not for others. Should concentrate on my career, my beloved friends and my beloved family members more onwards ^^  There're still many things and goals waiting for me to do and achieve it =)

Haha sorry for being so... hmmph, forgive me la, I will feel better after I type all of my feelings here =)
And Im feel bad for making my friends and my family worried me aikss~
I will be very fine soon ^^ Gambateh everyone~

Life's still goes on, so be tough to face hardship caused its will makes you stronger and appreciate what you have now ^^

And of course, cheers to all who single out there ~ smoochhh ~



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