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Sunday, May 30, 2010 | 10:06 PM
Life's like a competition~ || Back to top.

♥ Hello peeps~ Been really long time didnt come up here to update already ^^ Miss me?

Hmm lets talk bout my recent course first, Im glad I didnt choose the wrong path of my future..
I do really enjoyed every single moment during my class, my friends there, teachers there.. They do really makes an important part of my life ^^
st a little upset caused I get any good result of my make up competition on March. But at least I didnt lose anything, I did learned things, know what's my mistakes and focus it and improve on my problems =)

Me and my model of the day. Janice <3 She's pretty~

Natural make up. Hmm blusher it's a lil too much and the base doesnt looks clean and clear like porcelain skin =(

Night make up. Aiks, I really so careless to choose dramatic fake eyelashes for this make up, then it turned out so fashion and forced to change, so overall I dont have enough time to do this make up well =(

Fashion make up for Diva Gala Party <3

Me and my model =)

Hmm most probably I wish I can graduate my make up course end of this year, after that I will go for nail or hair course to pursue my dreams and look for a full time job to pay my course fees =)

Relationship? Hmm everyone knows love can make people goes blind.  I really blind folded ahh =/ Almost been with him almost 6 months already, time passes so fast.. happy moment ends really fast but sadness needed much time to get through with it.. I know being together is aint easy, have to tolerate, understanding...
We did argued for almost a month, it's another part of hardship between us, lastime we did passed every hardship sucessfully but this time.. it's really a tough thing for me...

p/s: Sorry dear, I know Im being over-reacted recently, thinking too much caused us more problems, and pressure on you work... been really upset.. I born with a senstitive heart, I know im selfish sometimes, afraid of being hurt.. but never care bout your feelings... Hopes everything will back to normal and ILY and IMY so much~~ sigh =(

Time passes really fast, just like a blink of an eyes, it's coming to June already... another chapters of my life..
I know I had been concentrate on my relationship a lil much... There's still left many things for me to do, my future, my dreams, my job and my studies.. and my friends and family...
I felt that I've been neglected them... I wanna try my best to focus more on my own things =)

Gambateh Tracy Teo ^^ Be good to yourself, because we deserves it!!

Till here.

Hope every of my readers here happy and healthy always =)



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