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Sunday, October 25, 2009 | 11:08 PM
Im back~ =) || Back to top.

♥ Hello Im back =) Just really miss my blog and have a little mood to update here hehe =)
Miss me? I had been away for hectic and look for a fuller life, to attend classes every weekdays and work every weekend.... Urghhh it's good to being busy... aikss I need some break some days =((( I miss karaoke, clubs, musics, movies and outing with friends, dudes and babes and more.

OKay, it's time to update already...

My 19th birthday party... errr not to mention is a 'party', it's just a small gathering with my close friends... hmmm overall... at least it's better than my 18th bday =((( haih...

Ohh but thanks to Des, Sam and Justin and friends to bought the bday cake for me =) I am soo happy cz I have 2 bday cake this year ^^ (just so you know, I dont have a really nice bday celebration... until now, but nevermine... )

First, we had a pre-birthday celebration at Maison which planned by another bday boy- Jun Wen... hmm but due to some problems, at last we decided to celeb at MOS Euphoria... which I wish to celeb at there more than Maison =) Haih... it was a long lame story....

Honestly, I didnt expect much for this year bday cz usually I dont have a proper bday celebration before... but suprisingly, Justin called and asked me to go for drinking and poker session before my bday which is at 18th of October at Dolphin which located at Pandan Indah.

Though it's just a mini gathering with my usual babes and friends, hmmm I am happy cz there's still have people remember my bday... ahhhh really pathetic right? =((

Anyhow, thanks to KP, CM, Justin and WK again =]

Thanks for the cake ^^

Hehehehe XD

Sorry those photos from MOS had already gone since I had already reformat my pc =((


Pics from clubbing night at Barcelona =)

Date: 2 Oct 09

Groupie pics =)

My babes and dudes =))) Weeeee

Taken almost 100 plus pics but these all the best one =)))


And recently I was really addicted to collect sample from different skin care or cosmetics brand =) No doubt, I do really really love them hehe ^^

Etude House, Clinique, Kiehl's, Laneige, Lancome, Loreal, Vichy, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Uriage and more hehehehe XD So excited when Im looking them XD

Show off some pics of my love, my lovely precious cosmetics and skin care products =]

AHHhhh my lovely collection =) My skin cre and cosmetics ^^

With all the samples, some sheet mask and gel mask, my fake eyelashes collection, varieties colours of nail polishes and my daily skin care routine =)

My cosmetics bags, lip care, some samples, MAC and Callas loose powder, MAC compact powder, used eye fake eyelashes, lip glosses, eye brow pencils... and the pics will do the talking =)

Sunblock is a must for me, make-up remover, brush set, make-up base, skin79 bb cream and hair spray.

I love them soooo much ^^



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