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Sunday, August 30, 2009 | 12:27 AM
Hectic life. || Back to top.

♥ The Recent me.

Gonna be another hectic month by the coming September =] Just full of work and attend classes T.T

Good things to share ^^

From anti-clockwise.

1) Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil. Usually I dont fancy about cleansing oil to use to remover my make up, caused it'll give you a uncomfortable and greasy feel after you wash. But I'd give it a try after the I heard the reviews from my beauty trainee and it turned out really great =) It wont feel greasy and uncomfortable after used, but suprisingly my face felt so fresh and hydrated. Cleansing oil is the most effective to remove make up compare to cleansing water, lotion, milk or gel. Its really good for make up student which we have to remove makeups almost 2-3 times during practical. But too bad it's a lil pricey for me T.T

2) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Its the best eyelash curler ever!!! It's even mentioned in the movie- The devil wears prada. Dont believe it? Please watch the movie again or google or wiki it XD

3) The beauty diary masks. Its being the most famous mask in Taiwan. I love sheet mask caused I used to put on it on my face before I sleep, so I no need to jump off from my bed to wash it off and just take it off after 20-30 mins then continue my beauty sleep. Teehee.

I purchased the whole 7 days whitening masks set to give it a try. The set included seven different types of functions and ingredients, so therefore I can try others to see the difference and choose which is the best on my skin =) Mask is a best treatment ever for the skin ^^ And its affortable~ hehehehe

4) Skin79 Gold Edition BB Cream. I dont fancy about bb cream previously caused it does not provides good coverage and feels like nothing on the skin after you apply. ( I mean is it's useless if its does not balanced your skin tone like liquid foundation does, so what for waste your money to buy it?? Right? ) But everything changed after I heard many good reviews on skin 79 bb cream and.... I was sold =='
I purchased the skin 79 bb cream and I couldnt wait to use it. After used, it was like OMG, my skin still looks good and smooth after clubbing, it does provides a good coverage too .... just so you know I used to sweat alots when club haha ^^ It's a really great substitute for liquid foundation. It's a must try for non-user =)


And I fell in love with light make up that inspired by Bobbi Brown Nude Collection.

What am I using for this look :

Foundation: Skin 79 gold edition bb cream

Concealer: TFS The Flower Dual Concealer

Powder: Callas Face Powder

Brows: Etude House 01 Earth Brown

Eyeshadow: Shu Uemura - M Brown 810

Blusher: MAC - Pink Swoon

Shading: MAC- Harmony

Highlighter: TFS Black Label 01

Eyeliner: Kate gel eyeliner - Black

Mascara: Loreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes

Lip: Nivea Essential Lip care and MAC Lipglass

Sorry for being self-obsessed recently. I just love to share good things and post whatever I want. Peace =)



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