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Saturday, March 21, 2009 | 11:37 PM
Diet-must. || Back to top.

♥ Hello =) I had been neglecting my blog, again. Teeheeeee XD Really nothing really happening nowadays... Just wake up early for classes, Lrt, study then Lrt, back home, online, sleep... Routine keeps repeating and repeating... Damn bored sighhhed =(

I miss clubs hmm just sometimes, honestly... Lonely either, just sometimes seriously... My life's really fragile I can see arghhh... And I didnt work anymore after my college had started. Really fucking tired after rushing those assignments. When I feel really really bored, I'll just grabs some interesting books and magazine, I think books only can get rid my boredness away, since I dont have any bf, real friends larh... My life's damn fragile. Sighed.

Ohh Im started to be a Twilights fans haha, watched many times for Twilight movies and bought the book series too. Love Edward and Bella. Envy their love story. Hmmm sounds a little outdated huh?! Twilight is kinda old for now. Hoping for the New Moon movie =)

Okay. Just update a few things here^^

Yesterday afternoon went to SUB international make up and beauty school for be my friend Chooi Yan make up model. I dont feel really wanna go honestly haha, but I had promised her so just go there without any guiltyness. Almost fell asleep when the make up test started, damn tired that time XD

The make-up test's topic is the creative make-up. =)

Love the creative make up <3

Fuckin' fatty me as usual =p

The groupie pic of the day. Ahhh my bread face =(



Lastly, posted a little pics of the quattro night as I said in my previous post =)

Veny the sweetie =)

Maybe clubbing is only can reduce my loneliness. WTF

Nothing much. Enjoy =p



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