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Monday, November 29, 2010 | 4:17 AM
Recovered. || Back to top.

Hello my readers. So sorry for not updating again...

And wanna apologize that my blog is really boring, without pictures caused Im lazy to upload them =p
Anything more updates can keep updating me at facebook ^^

Hmmm im quite fine these days, time really the best to cure your wounds... Its really did...
Everything been made me quite down that are started far far away from me ... Always remind myself have to move on and forgive and forget...
Maybe I think that my schedule didnt allowed me to think much, I have no time to think unnecesary thing to make me upset though. Class then working in weekdays, and spending some lovely time with my friends or family on weekends =)
Awww friends is so important to me... Thanks to Ee Ling and her family members who brought me a lots of joy in this november =) She invited me to her bro's wedding dinner and party at Muar, Johor. I had a lots of fun at there, it was like a short trip to countryside and town at Muar. We had a lots of nice foods, shop a little and play mahjung and had a lots of great moments at Muar. I went there to have my first time handle make up job for a bridal, Ee Ling's bro wife =) Anyhow, still wanna congrats to Champion and Coco ^^ Thanks to give me an opportunity to get my first experience to do make up for bridal and some family members. Thanks to my academy Diva sent me for outstation to occupied my free time and get more experiences for my career. I had been went to Johor for a few times in this November haha XDD

Really in love with working at outstation =) I had been in city for kinda long long time =p
Recently, indulges in branded stuff which is not a good thing I guess... not good at all =.=
Haha been work really hard these days... haha after I get my iphone 4, then wanna plan to get my driving license as soon as possible, I really couldnt stand with the life without the driving license with me =( I mean I dont really enjoy my friends bring me whenever and sent me back home in a quite long distance... I wanna learn to drive since my family have extra cars arghhhhhh~ Wasted right?? =(
And I wanna plan to get a LV next year? Neverfull MM? Speedy? Hmmmm Im too obsessed bout myself hahaha~ Maybe?? ^^

Another bad thing was... had a little fought with my family.. sigh =( But anyhow, I know these all will get it through very fast... I will work harder ^^

Ahhh almost coming to december then Christmas then welcoming the new year 2011~ Sob sobss
Time flies so fast....Honestly Im such useless cz I dont really achieve all of those plans that I planned for a few months ago =( Must gambateh~~~

Work and classes is only my priority now~
Work smart, work hard, earn more and spend more..... =.=
So that we can stimulate our country's economic problem =pppp

End with loves ❤


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Sunday, October 24, 2010 | 7:45 PM
Depression. || Back to top.

Ohh damn Im started to hate my blog... My blog is dead. Haha I think some of my friends or reader think that I am a superb pessimistics gal ever ~ Im tired of emotion, tired of being nice and to good to someone which that dont even wanna to care about it.. tired of  everything... Why? I know I lucky enough to breathing here... to blog now ... but I really hate October seriously... and my recent life...

Just came back from a friend's bro wedding brunch, a worst brunch ever in my life...
Honestly I dont feel wanna go there before a few days the brunch starts ... but because of her, she's wanted me to go there, and I thought I would know some new friends there and go there to get rid my bored since my weekend is like shit...
But... before that I know it was nothing good for me to go there... I know I will see someone that I dont wanna see.. His bro, his parents and his new girlfriend. Sounds great? I met him damn a few times after we broke up... Is this fate or what? God plan these shitz that I dont feel I cant handle it?  I really dont wish to see him anymore.. Because whenever I see him... sighhh I dont ever feels good... Im weak... Just one word SIGH.
Sometimes I wonder why I am so S.T.U.P.I.D to decided to go there? Yes, I know I'll see him... I wanna pretend Im fine now but I seriously feels awful... but the awfulness wasnt that pain like lastime does...

Ahh can I be stronger please... sigh....
Im tired of heart broken, dissapointment and sadness...
Friendship problems.. which is marks a darkest experience in my life...
I have only my family and my girls which is the precious thing in my life... but they seems to leave me without any reason.. guess Im belongs to loneliness?
Im tired of loneliness.. Sometimes I wanted some friends to stand by for me when I really really needed them but there's no one there for me... Is this very difficult to achieve? ....
My friends... all of them like leaving me one by one... and I felt so bad... so bad which no one couldnt understand how bad is my feelings... and Imma a type that dont no how to express my feelings in a right way... Can someone who cares about me tell me what's going on??  Can please take me away the sorrow and bring me to a better place?

Sigh. I dont feel wanna continue to write caused everything now is so deep down for me...
Just hope everything will be fine very soon.. and I have to balance back my emotions...
I couldnt let the life like these right? Bad and good also happens in a some day why dont we go for the good one?

Screw negativity ~~~ Screw loneliness~~~

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Sunday, September 12, 2010 | 2:48 PM
爱情真的好难。。 可是友情更难更心疼。。。 || Back to top.

♥ 把自己弄到很忙碌超级工作狂是失恋最好的麻醉药。。。

其实也不算失恋吧, 哈哈 那些只是过渡期。。。

经过这些经验和过去 真的让我看透了一些。。。
觉得很可惜和遗憾 其实我真的没有努力真正地好好付出过。。。可是想努力的时候, 不是我不想努力 而是没有机会了。。。 他 已经很遥远了。。。

哈哈 不懂为什么会那么感性。。
之前可以很享受单身的生活。。 以前嘛。。。 现在不一样了, 真的很想谈恋爱 哈哈~

可是 知音难寻啊 真的不容易 也不想随便谈一场恋爱。。。
就顺其自然吧~ 哈哈
现在的男生 真的都好挑剔哦 长的肉肉的我 又不是很出众的 。。。 都不会看上眼吧
喜欢的都不属于我的 唉~ 不喜欢的就一直来 哈哈 烂桃花多的是。。。 =.=

有时觉得好无助 寂寞啦。。。 又跟些朋友发生点小事。。 所以感情就疏远了一些 =(

有时觉得 我很想要些知心的朋友就够了 跟她们我也很开心 ^^
所以恋爱 就暂时丢在一旁现吧 =D

不知为什麽 今年过到好快啊 已经要到年尾了。。。 很快地 就要迎接圣诞节然后就新年了 哈哈 所以今年所定好的目标 要好好地加油 完成它咯 ^^

好啦 都是做好自己的本份是最好的了, 努力工作赚钱 哈哈

大家往最好 最明亮的 未来加油吧~~~

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Monday, August 30, 2010 | 5:28 AM
❤ It's for the better. || Back to top.

❤ Things that I wanted to achieve till end of year 2010 =)

I just dont wanna waste few more months when comes to 2011 ^^

1) Always be optimistic and postive. Yea, been really down after a broke up almost 3 months ago.. I dont want this kind of me, I want a better, rasional, and find back myself of who I am, a real me, an optimistic girl lastime that I used to. Im tired and sick of myself been suffering because of a guy, he just dont deserve be an issue of my life. Wasting my precious time ~ Ha!!!

2) Work harder and put more effort as much as possible. I've already give up my diploma, Im kinda a lil guilty for not study hard when in college life. But finally I found the thing that I really wanted, really happy to learn many new skills about beauty and fashion make up, my new friends and assignments there. I've gained a lots of priceless and wonderful experience. I wanna work really hard for my make up course though Im going to grauduate soon. =) Hair styling and nail course will be very soon.

3) Lose at least 5kg =p Yea, I know I've been repeated for damn many times to lose weight but it just doesnt make it happen arghhh ~ Blame myself for being a food lover and lazy to exercise. This time hmm.. I dont no whether can make it suceed but I do really wanna try this time ^^ Feel free to jog, swim or move a little more to burn some excessive fats =p Try to eat less high carbs and high sugar and salt food T.T Just to boost up my confidence. =D

4) Save money!!!!! Ahhh I know I cant make it this at all~ Tried and tried many times but failed!!! Cosmetics, heels, outfits and everything nice just killing me soo much!!!! I cant even control myself to get these all !!! Sigh.

5) Self reflection. Sometimes I do feels that I have a lil problem to communicate with people. Am I too talkative? complain a lil too much? Can someone just tell what's my problem? So that I can have the chance to change? Yea, and I do really what's my problem and Im trying ny best to change it. I seriously need some people to wake me up =) But please dont give me alots of pressure.. caused no one's perfect right? Agree?

6) A more healthy better lifestyle. Sigh... I think my life kinda used to wake up at night and sleep at noon. Sometimes when I forced myself to sleep early, but my brain will automatically wake myself up in midnight, which is 4-5am =.=lll Arghh what happened larh??!! Make me so suffer to wake up in the morning when off to class and work =(

7) Be brave, and try new things. I wanna have more courage in everything. My work, my diet plan, make new friends, in love matter and be smart and try new things that I never ever or havent really put effort or succeed before =) I just want to open wide my eyes and mind to accept and learn many new things for a brighter future =) hahahaha

Hmmm I think that's all? ^^ Hohoho~ Update my status here ya =)  Yea, Im kinda fine now. Im glad that I could find back myself of who am I really =)
I feel great~ Needless to care so much like lastime, to miss someone so badly and suffer whenever, wherever or whatever when thinking of him... I can whatever I want to, can really concentrate on my own things and be myself all the time wootz~~ ^^ These are the things that what I do really enjoyed while being single =DDDD
But when I thinking back the memories we had before.. I were just realize that we were really wrong in the begining... I shoudnt.... ah fine... everything is a past already~
But thanks for your memory, I do really felt being loved lastime, I really do =)

Anyhow, really hope myself can achieves the resolution that I written above ^^ Gonna try my best~~ Wakaka ❤

Wish every of my reader have a nice day ahead and all the best in everything =)

Excuse my english caused I do really did not write any summary or eassay after I give up my diplomas =/ Hahas



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Saturday, August 28, 2010 | 12:15 AM
加油~ || Back to top.

不算什么 爱错就爱错
早点认错 早一点解脱
这时候谁都别来安慰 拥抱
受不了想到 快疯掉 死不了就还好
忘不了赖着 不放掉
人本来就寂寞的 借来的都该还掉

我总会把你戒掉 Oh WU Oh

会有什么 什么都没有
早点看破 才看得见以后 OH
受不了想到快疯掉 死不了就还好
忘不了赖着 不放掉
人本来就寂寞的 我总会把你戒掉

A very suitable me song ^^
Sharing is caring weeee ~

Sunday, August 8, 2010 | 7:09 AM
还是一样。。。 || Back to top.

♥ 已经两个月了,很为自己开心我真的学会了放弃, 但那伤痕还是在。。。

以前的我 去了哪? 为什么 我就是偏偏输在感情上。。。
还以为自己真的放下了 每次都提醒自己要坚强 向前走 可是有时觉得自己还在原地踏步。。

回亿一直还在 才那短短的半年 就可以让我那麽地脆弱
有时候我真的很恨自己 明知道事情事实已经摆在眼前 还是会默默地想他

人真的可以那麽地恐怖吗? 那么地善变? 那么地潇洒? 真的可以当一切都没发生过?
还以为 他是不同的 男人永远都是一样? 可以把我从黑暗中从新 相信
可是你 最后还是你 那麽残忍 潇洒地推回我那 黑暗 那我不想在面对的地方。。。

以前的他我喜欢的他 已经渐渐地消失了。。。。 他已经不是那个他了。。。

可是怀念比失去还难受你懂吗? 也许你真的永远都不懂

那开朗的我呢? 乐观的我呢?

可是还是得告诉自己 要过得更好
最近很庆幸地 我还是很开心 跟姐妹朋友们 感情比以前还要好
 工作也多了 认识的人也广了 钱也赚更多
只是有时去到哪里很好的东西和地方 还是会淡淡地很想和他分享 

听说你过得很好 可是爱玩了很多 这真的是你吗? 你以前那工作狂症呢?
自由来换那失恋的代价 你真的相信值得吗?

也许爱真的不一定要拥有他 大家过得开心就好了
还是谢谢你 让我长大了 我学会了放弃 学会更懂得爱自己和爱人。。。

只能怪我们太早相遇了 不够成熟 只好接受

爱和关心我的人 对不起
我又再次发作了 只有部落客 能让我抒发我先在的心情

这是所谓人生该经历的过程吧 我只能把你放在我心中

给我一点的时间 我真的会好的。=)

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