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Friday, November 27, 2009 | 8:33 PM
Year End Sales is L.O.V.E !!!!! || Back to top.

♥ Yes, wanna come back here and update some good things to share here ^^

Muahahaha year end sales everywhere, Im glad and statisfied what I bought for 2009 Year end sales ^^ Shopping is the best therapy to relief stresssss XD Of course, the spree will still goes on...

Went Laneige Workshop with Cindy my Diva's senior at The Gardens Hotel today=]
Laneige were really generous to give out many nice gifts and I do really love Laneige product, especially their Snow cystal dual foundation and their skin care range =)

Bought their sunblock and this was what I got for the workshop =) Im glad that we got an extra Ultra-Hydro Cream Ex from Laneige to being the early bird to purchased the ticket =]

Currently I work for Hada Labo which is a new skin care range from Japan and it was hit product in Japan!!! Until now, their famous lotion still sold out in every 4 seconds ^^ I got this all range for samples and tester when promoting to customers and of course I can keep it and use it everyday haha =)
Girls who has dry skin there, please go and try these product. They're really good for dehydrated skin ^^


On 26th,
Forced to skipped class caused I had such long time didnt spent time with my friends already, normally I used to attend classes and work and it's quite hard to hang out for such many peoples that day.

Karaoke -> Drinking, shopping and chit chatting session -> Movie -> Dinner -> Bar session =]
Bar session at Werners which is intro by WK. I still prefer club though hahaha XD

Mei and KP =]

Camwhored during free time in k-room =]

Some movies review,


Rate for 4/5.
It wasnt good of what I had expected =] The story wasnt really that interesting. But I was quite impressed with the graphics and the world's collapse stuff. After I watched this movie, just felt that we have appreciates everything what we have now =] Try our best to save the earth as fast as we could?? But I wonder it's true or not for the year 2012 and the world is really end??? And yea, we know that everyone's gonna die.... Who knows? Muahaha

The Twilight Saga - New Moon

Rate for 4.5/5.

I guess everyone who knows me really well of Im a big fans of Twilight saga hehe =) I had been waiting for this movie for too long =(( Anyhow, we know that the book is always better than the movie and yes, the book is really much more 1000X better than the movie. I love the Volturi part the most ^^ Everything was just perfect caused it was almost the same of what I had pictured when I was reading the book. What I had 'gg.com' was the ending part...... it was like... =.=lll

Overall, Im satisfied and enjoyable to watch ^^ perhaps it's due to my severly low expectations?! hahaha XD

Waiting for the next Twlight saga- Eclipse... ZZzZzZzZzzzzzzz One year to go...

Anyway, I am lazy now already =)

Smooooch ~

p/s: I really have to save my wallet already.... Im overspent for this month~ Ahhh T.T Damn you, Tracy Teo.................


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