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Sunday, November 22, 2009 | 1:43 AM
Been Mia long long time~ || Back to top.

♥ Really paiseh here caused had been away for quite long time ^^


Because you know larh, there's only 24 hours a day,

Because I have to attend classes every weekdays and work almost every weekend,

Because there're parties if I had already invited,

Because I have to catch out many updates like facebook, blogs, youtube etc,

Because I have to spend some time to shop and catch up any sales and nice thingy around KL,

Because I have to rest and spend my own time more on updating blog here =)

And lastly, because I am lazy sial muahaha =D
Okay, updates a little bout my recent life and what happened these days =]
Ohh finally, Tracy Teo started already tired of clubs after been club non-stop for past few months... Been stop for 3 weeks but because of my damn itchyness and born to party I guess, couldnt stop myself away from clubs if there's any invitation XD
And now, I think I should visit club at least once per week... err can say to 'quench' my thirst and really enjoy the peoples there =]

Ahhh I really overspend for this year =((( It's killing me eh, luckily I used to work part time when free and during weekend to earn some pocket money =] I really had to put much more effort on spending already sighh =(( What to do, girl is born to shopping also wert weeeeeee ^^
Gonna try my best, to record my daily on what I had already spent everyday....
Hope it's gonna work for me =]

Really been addicted to 'boil' drama almost everyday, pp live have unlimited shows and movies to watch and love to updates youtube everyday to watch make up tutorial to boost up my skills and passion on my make up course. Gonna work very hard and appreciates every single moments what I had been for my course and Im glad that I really found what I want for my career already ^^ Thanks again to my dad, love u <3>

Haha really dont no what to write here already =] I think I'll just stop here ^^

If wanna updates bout me, just keep update and follow me in facebook and msn will do peeps =)

Take care


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