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Sunday, September 13, 2009 | 3:45 PM
Random Updates. || Back to top.

♥ Hello peeps =) Sorry for lacks of updates, been busy untill lazy to update here.

Been busy for my new make up course, I do really love my course sooo much, though it's still a new enviroment for me and still needed some time to used to it.
After started my new course, I truly realized that learning and train as a professional make up artist is aint that easy... still need more experience and pratices to improve =)
Im so grateful now caused I got what I really wanted now. Thanks again dad =]
I will work really hard on it ^^

Since Im soo darn lazy so just let the pictures do the talking =]

Date: 21 August 09

Time: 01.23am

Venue: MOS, Euphoria

Already bored of MOS already, just like my second home wahaha XD


Date: 4th Sept 09

Time: 0038

Venue: MOS..... again =='


Date: 5th Sept 09

Time: 2300

Venue: Chilis @ Mid Valley.

Watched the stupid Final Destination 4 after that.


Date: 10th Sept 09

Time: 2307

Venue: Poppy Garden

Sienz place. Poppy isnt happening at all on thrusday, so dont go XD Saturday is the best day at there.

Chooi Yan and Chooi Mei dear =)

Money Mei =)

Abby Baby.

Us, but too bad Kit Ping couldnt make it =((((

To dearest Daigor KP,

Aikks hope you'll get soon, remember take care of your health yah =) Dont skip your breakfast anymore, at least one cup of milo okay dear? Muacks~

To CY dear,

He's not whole part of your life, just a minor part though. You still have us, your beloved parents, your classmates and your dreams and goals still waiting for you to achieve them. Dont let him to make you down. Please be strong okay? We'll always be there for you =)

Signing off. The post is only all bout short updates =)



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