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Saturday, September 26, 2009 | 1:57 AM
Life's miserable sometimes =((( || Back to top.

♥ Recent =)

Ohh I had been a lots of clubbing recently hehe =) Duh, sometimes I need some entertainment and outings to keep my life more 'busy' XD

I think I will be leave my blog dead for awhile, just nothing to post and updates here, maybe it's because my blog is really boring =/

Outing with CY =) We had been watched alots of movies these days, though I hate you sometimes haha but I just dont want you to get hurt anymore okay? Love you though haha XD

Quattro night with Teng =)

I do always kiss her when I got tipsy, dont no why haha XD

Euphoria MOS , again.......

Wish you happy bday to you again Chooi Mei, sorry cant get to take a pictures with her, both of us were busy I guess haha =)

The usual gangs <3

We did had alots of fun that night woohoo~

Thanks to B.E.P- I Gotta Feeling XD


And I have a great movie trailer to intro here =) Jennifer's Body.

Goshhhhh I cant wait to watch this movie... Megan Fox is ohhh so hot!!!!

Damn this time she act as a dark, sexy and hot vampires =)

Gonna watch this movie very soon =)

Can wait to work for next coming Beauty Fair again =) 9th-12th October ^^



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