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Sunday, August 9, 2009 | 1:05 AM
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♥ Update a few bits of my recent life =)

Last project- Polo Blue Fragrance Roving team.

Damn I hate to work at outdoor, forgotten to bring my sunblock and my skin tone is so dark now =(

Camwhored in the car ^^

Fatttttttt =(((((

After work, luckily our supervisor Loong passed back Bangsar and he dropped me down there and met my babes. Yes, we shop till drop at bangsar village =) Its my first time shopped at there, I dont go there often caused its inconvenience for me to go there. It's a nice place to shop there despite the hot weather out there =(

We know each other for almost 10 years =) Teng and Yan. Love you all muacks~

Camwhored again while waiting for Steffie then headed to next destiny- Mid Valley to continue our shopping spree =)

Had dinner at Sushi Zanmai, The Garden.

Sisters. They dont look alike and they're both very different on style and personality haha.

My udon with side dishes =)

My favourite Unagi and Yan's Inari sushi =)

Yan's and Steffie's Chicken fillet with rice and egg =)

After meal, quickily rushed back to home sweet home for Mun Teng's bday celebration at MOS, caused Im late and shopped too much that day haha =)


See cute or not??? Keep hugged him when I first saw him ^^ hahaha XD

I'd love babies but I hate to layan them when they're crying and making alots of trouble hee XD

Muacks~ He's sooo cute ^^

Next update- Mun Teng's bday celebration @ MOS, Euhphoria.

p/s: Sorry I still needed some time... Im sorry if I hurt you, dissappoint you... Thanks for your care =((

I am sorry.


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