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Monday, August 10, 2009 | 1:28 AM
Mun Teng's bday celebration @ MOS, Euphoria. || Back to top.

♥ Once again, Happy Birthday to you MT ^^ lots of loves.

But I am sorry and apologized to Zhan Yit and MT's friends there, I really didnt meant it. I am just cant calm down that night...

Pictures of the night, not much of captions, Im lazy heee XD

The PESS chicks is back =)
From left. Cindy T, me, Freeze, MT, Christina D, May Kay.

Sorry for bad quality pictures, again. Lazy to bring my camera =(

The birthday gal Mun Teng =) Glad to know that you're back with your loves one.

Me and Cindy.

Damn my eyes were so dry and red that night =(((

My dearest daigor =)

The year 2007- 5 Zamrud seniors.

ZY was too free to take pictures of us haha =)

I gotta feeling that tonight gotta be a good night~~

The love birds =) Ignore me and MT's fren behind.

Honestly I dont really fancy for Chivas, prefer Henessy thou =]

I have no idea where am I looking at hahaha XD


Damn Im addicted to shop and used to splurge aikssss ==' OMFG

I hate myself to being like this, so that's why I will thought of counsellor for time and financial management. Sigh.

God bless me please =((((((((((


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