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Thursday, August 20, 2009 | 2:11 AM
Grace's bday celebration @ Zouk, Phuture. || Back to top.

♥ Hello peeps =) How's ya day everyone?

I am been lazy and planning what should I do after I had started my new course. *headache-ing* Should I go for part time study and work as full time? Or should I concentrate on my course and continue my freelance project ? But I'd wish to reduce my dad's burden for paying my course fees... Sometimes I really wish that I born with a wealthy family but anyway... Just thought for fun, back to reality and move on that's what can I do now... sigh =(

Okay. Back to the topic =]

Once again, wish you happy birthday Grace Ng, Im glad to received your invitation to be your guest for your bday party =) Thanks again~

The birthday gal- Grace and me =)

Thanks to daigor- Freeze who curled up my hair for me that night ^^ Muacks~

Oppss taken by my camera this time =)

After club, headed to Vegas to join another gang of Grace's friends.

Still have a few of pics at Grace's. Will upload it after I got those pics =) So please stay tunes <3


Lovin' this dad's cute mini gadget from Mini Hp =)

That's all for the short update.

Will update for the next post vry soon =) Loves.


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