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Monday, July 27, 2009 | 1:10 PM
Obsessed. || Back to top.

Green contact lens from GnG =)

♥ Gee, I have to update my blog now ^^ Since I have to work from 10am to 10pm for 5 days, I dont have the time to online, facebook-ing and even have a nice and proper sleep =(

Awww felt so good after finished another project again, excited and happy to know many nice friends there. Especially the 'Foo'... aikks T.T
Thou he's not really good looking and strict to us sometimes, but his seriousness on work is killin' me... He could manage everything well for the event, help us to serve problematic customer when there's lack of manpower, even he has to help the hair stylist to clean and blow dry customer's hair at the backstage... And yes, we did quite sucessful for the event and all the shampoo were almost sold out!!! haha XD
Aww dont you think he's great???!! Responsible and serious of his work...
Hopefully I have the chance to work at One U Sunsilk roadshow to work with him again =(
I think its worth for me to work at there despite the damn distance from my house to Damansara =) Just to see him again ^^

Okay back to the topic =)
Pictures during working for the event.

Brand ambassador for Sunsilk =)

Im holding the MCD drinks and fried that Ah Cheng bought for me.

From left. Suzi, me, Kar Yan, Emily, Ling and bb =)

Cute gal BB and me =)

Janice came to swang as well ^^

She's tall aikks.. and im short T.T

Pretty big eyes Kar Yan =)

Extraordinary gal that I ever seen- Suzi =)

Natasha aka Nata De Coco from Watson =)

Cutie Emily Lum =)

Angeline =)

Awww I want to dye my hair and my hair's really damaged since we have to straighten and curl our hair by styling tools for 5 days =( I need a world greatest hair treatment =( isshhh

Lazy to write anymore. Byeeeee

p/s: Trust, commitment and compromise???



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