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Friday, July 17, 2009 | 6:35 AM
Cosmo Beaute Asia 2009. || Back to top.

♥ This post is consider for a long long post of my blog ^^

Finally another project is ended =) I think this is the best and interesting job for me currently. Fun, exciting and enjoyable yet tiring sometimes... Have to work non-stop work and put on thick make up within 4 days haha, need to pamper my self like a diamond after this ngek ngek XD
I met a few of celebrities like Amber Chia, many potential hot models from Andrew Models ( Yeah, they're really hot and freakin tall man!!!), miss Astro like Jolene, some TV host and others that I not really sure their name but I do saw then at media before =)

Day 1
- Everyone is compulsory to come early and meet at the main entrance of the fair by 8.15am damn early and tired you know ishhh

Hate to tie my hair up. I have a big and fatty face =(

Faaaaaaaaaat. Ugly.

Cystal, Grace and me =)

Me and Cystal. Heart this gal <3>

Everything ended up normal and back home after work =)

Day 2
- Make up show by Amber Chia and models from Andrew models.

Models came so early and doing their rehearsal =) Weeeet, Amber Chia without make up, still looks nice thou ^^

Then, the show was started around 2 to 3pm. Most of us were busy that time, cant manage to watch the show comfortably. Hehe. The crowd was getting crowder after the show is begun.

Busy backstage. The male model is soooo hawt!!! His muscular body is sooo seducing~

It's Amber's turn =)

The CEO of Kai professional make up academy- Ken with Amber =)

* Clap clap clap*
Our boss and his wife, Amber Chia and others model. Our female boss Mimee is like our mother, she's always take care of us ^^ Heart her XD

Day 3
Everything goes pretty normal as well, just busy work to serve problematic customers and a few of air brush make up show by our boss =)

Day 4

Felt sooo excited caused this was the last day for beauty fair. Wahahahaha XD
Thou, we dont have really enough of time to shop and visit the whole booth of the Cosmo Beaute Fair but we did some short time lepak while the crowd was not really crowded. Of course, we shopped and crazy about those cosmetics and skin care and you can see them everywhere!!!! Ahhhh damn alots of promotion and cheap stuffs!!!!!!!!

There's a huge international make up show and competition by Aery Jo Academy. Damn those model are soooo pretty with their superb creative make up and outfit =) This really made me to boost up my passionate for make up, Im sooo proud of them~~ They're soooo stunning and attracting!!!! Many visitors keep taking photos of them =) Its really a great eye opener for me. Haha =)

All contestant are busy setting up their own model =)

They're sooo stunning right??? Hehehehe XD I bet you all will damn chun if saw them in real person haha =)

Pretty model =)

Overall, its really a great eye opener for me. Im sooo proud of those professional make up artist, they did really really well =) Since I have to work that time, so cant manage to take all of the pictures of most of the model. Soooo bad =(

And lastly, we took alots of groupie pics indeed. This is a must haha =)

From left. Grace. Joyce. Jessica. Carol and me =)

Cherish time that we have our lunch together =)

Busy us when doing the closing =)

Ohhh Carol ~~~

Lastly present our groupie pics haha =)

Dearest Mimee and us =)

Ishhhh I know I looks like a fat big at all of the photos, no doubt I admit that Im fat =) Hope I dont scare you guys off hehehehe =)

Will gambateh for my diet plan.... please wish me luck, again =(

Must rest cukup cukup for the next project =) heee



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