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Thursday, July 2, 2009 | 2:08 AM
Clumsy Cause Im Fallin' in Love || Back to top.

♥Ishh time flies... its July now =) Thinking back the time that I had leave my college for almost 2 months already =( Everything turns so nostalgic... I miss college so much =(

Cant believe on myself that I've done a few projects of freelance job in just 2 months, usually I dont focus much on freelance since I have to focus on my studies at the previous time. In my opinion, freelance is much more interesting and challenging compare to those part time jobs from the malls or whatever shops. Cant wait for the coming job for beauty exhibition, pc fair and Hair care roadshow =) Thou, it's tiring indeed, for standing killin' 8 to 10 hours and have to try my very best to approach and serve customers, some problematic customers of course. But on the brighter side, I did learned many working experiences and understands the society more. I learned to be more independent and manage major things on myself.

Hmm speaking for my make up and beauty course, I went to Snips academy for the hairdressing grooming master course briefing. The course is specially designed for those student who are really interested to study hair and make up and it's some kind of part time study. Unnecessary for paying the course fee caused it will be pay by government but have to pay rm900 for the first 3 months for hairdressing tools, lecturer and other grooming tools. And the class is only once a week from 7pm to 10pm.... and the whole course needed 18 months to finish it. Aikks.. feels that the stupid Snips academy like doing some stupid scam to attract those dumb students outside =( Should I apply for it? I still can take another beauty and make up course since its only one class in a week. Hmm??

Okay. Back to the topic. The last saturday poppy night. Still couldnt update yet caused all of the pics are still with Michelle's camera. Poppy is always crowded but happening place, met alots of friends there and some well-known bloggers too hehe XD Of course, we had lotsa of fun!!! But the most crucial thing is... I met him. The stranger/net friend from msn. At first, I couldnt recognized him until he told me that he's the guy that we used to chat in msn. Of course, I didnt layan him much caused I dont really keen to talk with stranger. But things turned out better after we had more conversation to each other. Anyway just nice to meet him thou =)

I miss the lovey dovey feel... And the feeling back to me nowadays =( Aikss.. Good or bad this time?? God bless me. I dont wanna get hurt again like lastime =(

p/s: Transformer 2 for tomorrow yay!!!!!!!!!


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