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Thursday, July 30, 2009 | 2:36 PM
Addy's 22th Birthday Celeb @ Quattro and Velvet Underground. || Back to top.

♥ I had stopped to being a kaki clubbing since I started to work for freelance, usually Im busy on weekend so mostly dont have much of energy to club except there's some important event for me =p
Yeah, to being a good friend, for sure I would attend invitation for Addy's birthday celebration at Quattro. We know each other for quite long time ago, but didnt talk and hang out much =) We still have alots of thing to talk thou ^^

Woke up early yesterday to Kelana Jaya to return t-shirt for Mimee and got my salary =) The first thing that pop-out on my mind was SHOPPING!!! hehehe XD Like every girls does =p After that, went pavilion and swang to shop a little and look for nice outfits myself =)

Bought two dresses, goodies from Watson, face power from Mimee and my monthly must-have magazine CLEO =)

Aha finally mama brought you back!!! Wanted to buy this loose face power since long long time ago- Callas Face Power. Heard many good reviews on it, so cant stop myself to bought it back =) And I started love to use liquid foundation instead of two way cake after using the face powder, this magic power really great with natural coverage and my make up really could last longer =) Still, my make up remains nice and fresh after club thou, caused I sweat alots during club haha XD And its not expensive~ Wee~ Sharing is caring XD


Pictures of the night =)

I love this floral tube =) Smooch~ just ignore my fatness...... T.T

Awww Niki's back =) Darn long time didnt club with her already.

My love =)

Damn you gal, she loses 10kg within 3 months!!!! Salute you~

Love you long long time babe XD Both of us clubbed at two clubs that night haha =) Too sienz at Zouk then changed back to Quattro =='''

Sweet gal MunMun. She's caring and nice to talk with ^^ Miss the time that we work together at Guardian haha XD

Groupie with the girls.

Eling babe. Many people said we look alike ==' I 100% dont think sooo.....

Busy dancing to burn my fats and lazy take picture with the birthday boy =) Pictures at his camera I guess...

Anyway wish you Happy 22th Birthday here Addy =)

Sorry for bad quality pictures above, suppose to use my digital camera but Im lazy to bring it out =(

First time ffk and rufuse to work for Pc fair =( Damn low pay for this year ishhhh... T.T

Starting to look for my make up and beauty course =) Wish me luck ^^



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