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Monday, June 8, 2009 | 6:11 PM
Way Back Into Love. || Back to top.

Bored Kuantan Trip.

Finally update a little here, again. Nothing happening to update nowadays...
Just hang out sometimes... mostly spent my time with my family. Mummy girl =)
Found a job for beauty products every weekend until July... since started my repeat stuff. That's why plan to work and make myself busy =)

Mom planned for Kuantan trip to visit relatives and celebrate earlier father's day with grandpa. This was the first time my mum drove back to Kuantan, of course she's not really well of the journey, we followed along my aunt's husband car. Nothing special thou, just a normal dinner with them, berbonding and chit-chatting with them since we didnt meet each other for long time. And Kuantan's food is sucks!!! After dinner, went for movie with a few of my cousins at MegaMall and the others have their own stuff to do.

17 again. Craves for this movie after I saw the trailer. The movie not bad thou, Zac Efron look great in the movie. Rate for 4/5 =)
Supposed we planned for Terminator Salvation lor, but sadly mostly of the seats are fully booked.


Bought those goodies for myself since there have alots of sales outside =) I love hair care product, used to buy loads of them in my room haha XD Long time did not shop seriously, waiting for my salary first~~

And the thing is... I didnt club for almost a month~ How great!!! Aikss I've been rejected all of my invitations from friends. It's because I am lazy hee XD But I need some alcohol and some club hits recently... ><'''

Overall... the trip is bored. The main thing just to visit my relatives. Kuantan is so damn fucking hot man!!! Unbearable!!! Still sweating after bath for the second time. I miss my home sweet home =) And I hate useless ego-bastard, again. Girl must be strong and independent, perhaps those idoit bastard thought that most of us are still naive and dreaming at damn loveland. You're wrong. I like to being realistic =)

p/s: I need a banner for my blog aikss...


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