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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | 3:22 AM
Tracy's Secret Recipe XD || Back to top.

Chicken Bowties with Traditional Pasta sauce.

It's time to cook and learn from Tracy's recipe=) Hungry? Mummy not at home yet and no one cook for you? It's easy to cook and beat your hunger to fulfill your empty stomach ^^

All you need is :
1) Bowties (one of the type of the pasta)

2) Chicken meat ( It will be tastier if the chicken meat is prepared with sesame oil, soy bean sauce and salt)

3) Half teaspoon of cooking oil

4) Pasta tomato sauce (bought from supermarket)

5) A teaspoon of salt

6) One teaspoon of sugar ( Im using brown sugar instead of white sugar, brown sugar is much more tastier compare to normal white sugar)

7) A little of garlic slice

8) A little of black pepper

9) Water (depends on the number of pax)

First, prepare 500ml of water into a pot and wait a few minutes for the water to be boiled.

After the water is fully boiled pour an amout of bowties and a teaspoon of salt into the pot. Wait for 15 minutes for the bowties to be soften. After 15 minutes, pour the cooked bowties and fliter out the hot water and pour into a bowl with cold water in it. The cooked bowties will be more tastier and Q after poured some cold water in it.

Next, prepare and heat a pan-fry or pot. Then, pour the half teaspoon of cooking oil and garlic slices until browned. Then, combine it with the pasta tomato sauce and add a small amount of water, add the chicken meat and one teaspoon of brown sugar and black pepper. Heat the sauce until very hot and the sauce will be evaporated a little.

Spot the heat from the pic? =) Remember keep stirring to ensure that the chicken meat is fully cooked.

The pasta sauce is finally done!!! MmmMmmmmm~~~

Pour the pasta sauce and combine with the cooked bowties.

Serve hot, garnished with extra basil leaves and black pepper. =) Ready to be serve!!

Hehe does the pasta look tasty?!! hehehe XD Of course it tasted yummy and its edible!!!

Do not hestitate and try it now!!! ngek ngek =) (evil grin)


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