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Saturday, June 13, 2009 | 10:39 PM
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No recent pic of me lately =)

Too busy on work... and looking for a new school for my love- Beauty and make up ^^
I wanna be a make up artist for long long time =)
The passionate of beauty and make up for me will never fades, thou I felt guilty for not continue taking my marketing course.. I still love marketing, the course would benefit and helped alot for the future business field... just blame on myself who are not doing her studies well...
I did felt regret... sometimes I wanna go back but there was not the place that I belong to... I cant adjust the time back that I had started and have to move on as well =(

Still, Im still envy those friends which is pursuing their studies...
For degree and master, went overseas and study very hard to achieves their goals and looking forward for their bright future =(
Since I work in the pharmacy for few days, I know a colleague who work as a pharmacist and she finished her master for pharmacy studies. Now, she's contribute to the society and gives medical advices and needs for her patient. Geee~ so proud of her, really wish I could be like her, at least half of her is enough for me already haha =)

Ishh anyhow working is so tiring, again XD

I really cant bear with the stupid lousy service of KTM!!! Have to go to work and back home with the damn KTM... Aikks~

No one complaint to the head office of Komuter??!!! ARgh!!

Have to sleep early cz have to work tomorrow ^^
Good night people.


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