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Thursday, June 18, 2009 | 3:07 AM
Love <3 || Back to top.

♥ Yes, Im a little bored now =( There's the one and only thing that can always layan me during the late night and filled up my free time- my lappie ='(

Watch movie, chit-chatting, blogging, surfing the net etc. That's all I can do heee XD
Aikss there's still unknown when I can finish survey for my course, friends are busy layan me, busy for searching few of freelance job... working... sleeping zzz...
Hopefully I can found a nice make up and beauty school for me =)

Ahhh the New Moon movie's official poster =)

Aikss I cant wait!!!! 6 months to go~

And yes, chuck finally said I love you to Blair on the last episode of GG2 yeah!!!! So touching aikks!!! Still waiting for the new GG season 3 XD

I wonder that will Chuck and Blair still has conflicts often between on them on GG3... Please dont...

And yes, I need to release out my hectic working life... Just wanna have fun once in awhile LOL =) No offence. Still, I did always dancing in my room while Im listening to club musics heee XD *I know you want me you know I want cha* I just miss the time I clubbed with my babes... dance like there's no tomorrow and enjoyed every single moments we had together... Aww I miss them so much =( But most of them are currently busy for their studies, but I still heart you all muax ^^

Overall, I am not a party queen kay? Girls wanna have fun, sometimes =)

p/s: I need a company, sometimes maybe =( Hate to being alone everytime...


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