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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | 12:29 AM
Loneliness. || Back to top.

♥ Future is in my own hand...

This time, I really have to think deeply for my future now... I made a decision to not involve college life anymore... No matter how hard I study, how many effort I put on it, the outcome is not that I wanted. Sometimes, I were so envy those student who can study well to pursue their dreams until they are completely graduate. Just blame myself why I cant be like them eventhough already had 3 times of big lesson for me to wake the playful me up. As time goes by, it doesnt seems work on me. Still, the attitudes on study remains the same thing again, again and again.

I know Im not the kind of material to study. And of course, I miss my college mate alots, sometimes felt upset when I finished reading Yenn's, Chee Hui's and Loke's blog. Memories and pictures that you guys posted on the blog, places that we often visit while break in college, had our lunch together and so on... I will not involve on the group picture anymore... no more DMK5 for me anymore... but all of those memories are still in my heart =) Hope our friendship doesnt fade away....

Anyhow, I hope I will not regret to choose the future path that I really wanted. Wish me luck =)
God bless me.