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Sunday, June 14, 2009 | 11:58 PM
Keep Fit!!!!!!!!!!!!! || Back to top.

Oh my effing god!!!
Recent many friends said that I gained weight jor!!!
Look more chubby and piggy~
AHHHHHHHHHH why why why???
Why I cant just stop eating a little? Even just for a little bit at least... Why????
Why I am so lazy and dont exercise regularly??? Why??? AHHHHHHH

Please I need more motivation to motivates me (so called 'step' me)

No more MCD or KFC!!!! No more fast food!!! No junk food!!! No~~

No more supper!!!!

Cut down starchy food!!!!!!!!! Less carbohydrates~~~~

Exercise!!! Sit up!!! Dancing!!! Move more work more!!!

Please ~~ God bless me!!!

Let me lose my huge appetite when going for food!!!!

Stupid Secret Recipe cake!!!
MCD value lunch!!!! Chocolates!!! Junk food!!!

Stupid cookies!! Stupid soft drinks!!! AHHHHH gone insane already......

God bless me ya =)

I wanna skinny and hot like Lena Fujii XD I know it's impossible...

you know you love me


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