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Monday, June 1, 2009 | 1:48 AM
Hate That I Love You. || Back to top.

♥ Hello =) Im back... finally got my connection fixed and update a little here ^^

Hmm been having alots of conflicts, really dont no I should do this do that...
Should I continue or go for another? Work or not? Aiksss...
Why I cant be a little more rasional and mature minded? Everything started from last minute and without preparation... how can I be succeed? how can I achieve my goals my dream?
Sigh. Counsellor needed.
I need time.

Since I have nothing to do during the weekend, Kit Ping and I went for a job that work for Naturel cooking oil roadshow at Taman Maluri Jusco. It was the first time I work in Jusco, and it was a nice and experienced yet tiring job for me =) Promoting skill, comunicating skill, culinary skill and more haha XD

And of course, I know many nice friends from there too ^^

Nice groupie pics taken by Josh =)

Haha cant even see my face in both of the pics, maybe I was too happy that time haha XD
Luckily, we have four nice and helpful supervisor and a funny DJ Alan =)

Honestly, I really cant bear for standing whole day... it's killing me!!!! My heels really hurt right now argh ><>
Yeah, now still finding another freelance job for earning more pocket money ^^ Wish me luck lorh =) Perhaps it's a good to leave them? .... hope everything will be fine soon =]



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