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Sunday, June 21, 2009 | 10:49 PM
Friendship Remains Forever. || Back to top.

♥ Hello =) Just came back from work, again. Thou, it's still tiring but things turned out quite fun and sillyness to work with new friends there hehe ^^

Worked at KLCC Guardian for Brands InnerShine promoter =)

Statisfied with my sales and the workers in KLCC Guardian, mostly of them are nice and helpful ^^

Had lunch together at Sakae Sushi.

All busy chit chatting XD Since we cant remember each other names, we called each other names by the brand name of the particular product.

My tempura udon. Hearts japanese cuisine =)

From left. Nivea, Sexy Girl, Loreal, Kotex, Renu and Brands. Lepak together at KLCC =)

Anyhow, still will miss you all~ Hope we still can keep in touch in msn and facebook lorh ^^

Aikss I had been bad luck nowadays, my cellphone was spoilt again!!! WTF The same case again, the water bottle in my bag just spilt out almost half of the water of my bottle and the thing is my cellphone was inside my bag AHHHHHHHH!!!! It was damn inconvenience without your cellphone around, I have to waste money to fix back my cellphone =(

Please dont happen on me again... This is the second time on me already. I want my cellphone back~ Haih... Moodless ='(

p/s: Why I have to deserves that much?? Why me?? =( haih


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