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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 | 5:46 AM
Tracy's Secret Recipe XD || Back to top.

Yes, and its over =)

♥ Hello =) Yes, im blogging now, and it's 6am in the morning and I still havent off to bed for my beauty sleep great... Insomnia is back, again =) I guess I need back my sleeping pills again XD

Since I couldnt sleep and I didnt eat anything for 6 hours, so I decided to cook myself for some food to fill up empty stomach =) Yeah, fried egg sudden poped out on my mind and I decide to cook fried egg for myself XD And of course, I put few healthy ingredients like spring onion, tomatoes, potato and some chicken meat =)

Okay, all you need is eggs, spring onion, tomatoes, potato, chicken meat, butter, salt, black pepper and a small teaspoon of sesame oil =) ( Sounds so pro leh wahaha XD )

Ahh Im totally sucks in cooking!!!! The outcome is....

No comment. Yea, I try to keep the spring onion, tomatoes, chicken meat and potato 'inside' ( so called egg biscuit in chinese) the fried egg. Mission FAILED. How nice.

Dunno whether its edible anot? =='''

Awww the chicken meat are not fully can be eaten and I forgetten to cook the potato to mashed potato. Yucks ><

Hahahax overall is... but it didnt taste so bad la, it would be better if I put more effort on the chicken eat and the potato... hehehe XD



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