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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 | 2:13 PM
Memories Last Forever. || Back to top.

This is the only pic that can represent DMK5 of year 08-09^^

♥ Thanks to all my beloved DMK5 classmates for bringing me alots of unforgetable memories, fun, sillyness and laughter during our wonderful college life although just in a year =)

And of course, I wont forget our pretty class representative Yenn Rou aka Foxy with her cute childishness and her 'step' skill hahaha XD jokin' larh =)
Funnyman but serious Chee Hui XD He's our class cold joker hehe ^^
Our future singer Jia yee aka Sotong, soft and cute girl Tweety bird Yin Yee, big eyes Panda Zi Xin always a guy magnet wherever she goes, workaholic Yoke Cheng, Christine, Jessica, our class the only one sweet couple Pei Mun and Chuan Zhi.
Our class macho David Leong and Ah Loke =)

Aikkss cant forget the time that we always used to hanging out together when after class...
Sit together in a group in lecture hall, having lunch together in canteen... hahaha XD

Thou we will be no longer that close like previous time, but I hope our friendship will never fades and keep in touch more lorh ^^ Miss you all long time =)

For me, perhaps it's a big lesson to wake me up from the playful, lazy and sarcastic me =)
Dunno what to write more... just really miss you all ^^
Anyhow, thanks for everything ^^
take care of yourself and study hard.
hugs & kisses...



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