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Thursday, May 14, 2009 | 6:40 AM
Love is in the air... || Back to top.

♥ Yes, Im too free to stay all day long at home doing nothing teehee XD
Im soooo lazy to work since the semester break is not long enough ^^ Is this an excuse ? hee XD

OKay Lets talk about GG2 =)
Awww it was so great after watching GossipGirl episode 24, it's between Serena and her mother Lily Bass and she had Serena arrested by the police because she has no other option to under control her daughter from the plan that she wants to take care of Poppy Lifton's scam. She felt so guilty after arrested her daughter Serena and deeply thought on her past that how Lily's mum- Cece treated her in the past too... But the sadest part is about Chuck, awww I luv Chuck and Blair alot ^^ Chuck wants Blair to be happy but Blair was misunderstood him... All he wanted is just Blair to be happy with her current bf Nate. But finally, she broke up with Nate after the prom night. Serena felt that all her mother did is just for her own good...

Isnt friendship and family are the most precious thing in life? They're the one who care and love you the most, the one who always stand by your side, make you happy and comfort you when you're upset, cherish and support you whatever decision you've made....

I heart you all~~~ Especially my dearest mum, though you still always scolded me for being so lazy during the break, but I know you still love us so much with your greatest love and care and still cook those yummy foods for us to becoming your ballons ^^ Muaxx

Cant wait for next episode again =)
I want more Chuck and Blair!!! XD

p/s: I gave you too many of chances, perhaps you're just same as other bastards and you dont appreciates and grateful at all. Sometimes, chances are not always appear just for you, and it will not come back to you anymore no matter what you did and dissapear with no reason...
Perhaps no one will appreciate thing as if the thing was too easily to get it just from others?
You deserves better.



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