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Friday, May 15, 2009 | 8:05 PM
Lets get the partaayy started =) || Back to top.

♥ I like the Boom Boom Pow~~~
Awww at last we had lotsa of fun on Euphoria MOS thrusday night in the year of 2009 =) It's been quite a long time didnt club with my babes already, but too bad Chooi Yan and Ee Tian couldnt make it thou =( I guess we might have greater fun with you two ^^

And you stupiak Wong Chee Hui!!!! Gik sei me larh, I wanna see your 'mao' yong but ended up you and your buddies clubbed at Quattro... Im craving see to curious face when kao-ing girls and meet up with your Freeze wahahaha XD Nextime la buddy ^^

At first, we planned to club at Helo Bali but ended up change to MOS due to the ambiance at HB. The musics that day was nice too and not that packed that day... The good thing is we have a nice sitting place at The Deq, Euphoria. Everyone had fun at the dance floor, and I lurve dancing with Wan Teng hehe XD She's so hot and wild yeah hehehe XD

And yeah, I have using back my Lumix digital Camera and the pics really looks great ^^

The PESS chicks in black^^ Heart this pic muchie=)

The boys. Too bad, ch is not inside the pic =( See I really miss your 'mao' yong larh ch!! ngek ngek ngek~
From left, Sam. Jimmy. Mei's two friends from SYUC. Brandon. Ken

After a few cups of liquor, getting a lil KO mode liao ><''' but Freeze KO first hahaha XD

Ahhh this one my face looks so red XD

Kit Ping I love you !!!! hehehe XD Remember our rap?! Single!! Single!!! wahahaha XD

Girls just wanna have fun =) Heart you all ^^

"Kit Ping are you alright?" I said. sounded worried. "Mmmmmm" She murmured. Speechless but blurrr.

Then all acting drunk like KP does.

After club, yamcha session at Station one but KP still in KO mode, kinda serious. Nextime better dont drink so much la dear =) Anyhow, no matter how you drunk or how you behave when in KO state, we will take care of you babe ^^ Wahahaha XD

Girlfriends is da best!!! Hugs & kisses~



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