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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 | 2:50 PM
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Ishhh my eyebrow are failed. Im sucks at drawing/trimming eyebrow =(

♥ Finally I had finished all of my paper ^^ Feels so good after exam. No more stress XD Must get a lots of sufficient beauty sleep and pamper for myself after exam... A big sign of relief ^^

But the bad news is I gained weight after exam weeks!!! OMG I did eat alot during exam, u know larh I used to eat many stuffs to release stress... That's why Im chubby ><'' Pity me.

I need a serious diet plan now!! At least try to not eat anymore after 7pm and work more.
Do more exercises ^^ Cut down high calories food and drinks =)

Maybe plan to work in shopping mall, though work part time in a mall is kinda low in salary, but I rather work than staying at home doing nothing =) Wanna keep myself busy and I wont think much too =) But of course it will be great if I found some jobs for roadshow or event.

Wish me luck =)

Then, update few pictures here, outing night with my cute muimui =)

Me and this pretty girl Jane.

Envy her larh, she's so pretty eh ><''' Especially her eyes ^^

Yoki and Jane. Both of them are 12 years bestie ^^

Gotta read all of my novels and magazines ^^ Bought alot during the exam week =)


p/s: Seems it doesnt make any sense when you're gone... I guess it's a good sign =) Single is great^^


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