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Monday, May 25, 2009 | 6:00 PM
Girls Day Out =) || Back to top.

Sorry for neglecting my blog for few days... due to my laziness and my damn lousy broadband connection. Dont ever thought of using Umobile, I bet you'll regret of its service =) Any good suggestion for broadband service? Anyhow, thanks to Alex who helping me to settle my lappie's problem ^^

And yeah, my semester break finally comes to an end. Have to start back to my hectic college life again =) Look forward for the new second year in tarc ^^
Anyhow, I still miss my holidays alots... aikss 15 weeks more XD

Hmm wanna update a girls day out with my babes =) Long time didnt have a serious nice outing with my secondary school classmates already. We had our lunch at our 'always hang out place' - Yong Guang. We used to had our lunch there during the high school moment. Feeling nostalgic when back to there and really miss the high school moment =)

After lunch, continue our outing to shop at ts and swang as usual =)

Dear Chooi Yan & Mun Ting.

Non-stop camwhoring while waiting for CY.

Two pretties =)

Silly poser haha XD

Then, went for dessert session due to our tiredness after shopping hehe ^^

Yum yum~~

Ahh result for final will be posted up tomorrow~ Wish me luck haihzz...


p/s: I hates rude bastards!!!! I always being myself and always forever... so fuck-off if u dont like me ^^


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