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Saturday, May 9, 2009 | 4:28 AM
最幸福的事 || Back to top.

Lonely one.

♥ My holidays had begun... but things seem like nothing change- sleep-eat-online-eat-online-sleep... The same stupid bored routine.

The same lonely life, too =)
Nothing much to update about. Nothing special happening.
I need some company laaa XD

Likey this pic =)

Freeze and me in greenbox.
Karaoke is one of the way to relief stress =)
Dear, life's still goes on... give yourself some time let it go and move on ok? ^^

No dare to face it anymore, the fear is still distracting me...
Is there any hopes for me?! I dont wanna be S and A laaaa XD

I need a hug XD


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