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Sunday, April 26, 2009 | 9:58 AM
Sem 3 is over... || Back to top.

♥ Finally, semester 3 is over with alots of fun and laughter...

Hmm short semester is isnt that bad hahaz, at least we can finish our whole semester within 7 weeks instead of 14 weeks... Mostly having 14 weeks semester is kinda bored and less of motivation to study compare to short semester =) Shortcut marh XD

Im glad I can do for my papers for my 3rd semester =) Hopefully can score better grades hehe XD
Just a lil worried and concerned on my resit paper, normally dont have much of motivation to study anymore since the actual final examination has ended. Forced to... who call me dont study hard that time aikkss =(

After OB test, straight back to home sweet home then have a lil short nap instead of joining my classmates for yamcha session and movies =( Sorry caused I've missed it. Was so fuckin' tired that time, cant even walk properly when on the way back home. Always lacks of sleep during exam =( That's why I will easily fall sick during this time...

Speaking of plans for my semester break...
This is a must for me. I love holidays hehe XD Hmm really dont no what I can do during the coming semester break, of course I hope I can found a nice part time job and earn a lil pocket money =) And of course, where we should go after exam with my DMK5 again?! Hehe Redang Island? Or Langkawi? Duty-free for alcohol and chocolates? Snokerling? Hahaha cant wait!! Wait for my class rep ' Chou Ah Yenn' plan it hehe ^^

Im waiting XD

Gotta go for my revision ^^

Happy holiday to all of my classmates =)

p/s: I wanna watch Coming Soon!!! Who's willing to be my company? =) ngek ngek



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