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Saturday, April 4, 2009 | 10:16 AM
Never Let you go... || Back to top.

♥ Time to update a little here =) Im glad everything is back to normal^^
Yesterday, it was our whole class presentation for FOS. Of course, all of us will wear in our formal clothes and take pictures for sure hehe XD

Speaking about presentation, I really didnt do well, blame my forgetful habit and nervousness, adrenaline rushed everywhere. Sigh.

This pic taken for BO presentation. My BO assignment members. Yin Yee, Chee Hui and Pei Min =)

Me and chou Ah Yenn hehe XD Our leng lui foxy class rep ^^

Chris and me.

Yin Yee and Panda. Chee hui probably will love this pic haha XD

Silly face =)

Our favourite pic ^^

Group 6.

Group 3.



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