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Thursday, April 16, 2009 | 3:06 AM
Dilemma. || Back to top.

Arghhh!! Will be less updates due to my final ><

Im totally stressed up... superb dilemma XD

This semester's exam week should be end in just a week which is start from 20/4 to 25/4 but I've to handle few resit subjects... so the date will expand to 5th May... WTF

Damn regret why I didnt study hard enough last semester. Sigh. Nice lesson.

Gonna lock up myself and burn tons of midnight oil until the 5th of May...

Killer Insomnia and headaches always came back and distracted me argh!! Go away go away~

Anyhow wishes every students from TARC have a busy weeks for final ahead XD


God bless me.


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