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Friday, April 17, 2009 | 5:27 AM
Blame On Me. || Back to top.

♥ My previous post have a lil error and I couldnt edit anything on it =( Many wrong words... Just forget about the mistakes of the previous post.

I really have no idea why Im doing that... during the preparation days for my next week exam... Every students are worried and work really hard for it for their studies and stay at home for the last few days before the exam week had started.

I went Euphoria last night. Good.
Still got mood to club when the exam week is around the corner. WTF Im done!

I went to college yesterday to take my OB test and take some notes from friends. Suprisingly, I met Yi Wei aka XiaoBai in a classroom at PA Block the class that I have to take my OB test.

My cacat doing notes act and Yi Wei took the pics of it. Hahaha XD
Just wanna share those funny pics^^

Anyhow I wanted to post up those pics up caused I met many new friends at there. Many friends from other colleges... They're really friendly and nice^^ Thanks to CM =) I love those groupie photos ^^

Chooi Yan and the friends that I met last night.

CY, Venice, really a friendly girl and Me.

After club.

Something bad happened when clubbing, it was between CY and her relationship stuff, really made me dissapointed and upset. I realized that remains single is good, sometimes. Haizz =( It's complicated. 早知今天何必当初呢?

p/s: Thanks to you that you treated me so nice. I was truly appreciated, but I still needs some time....

Back to do my revision~ FOS is really killing me... 17 Chapters @@

Wish me luck.


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