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Sunday, March 1, 2009 | 3:38 AM
You're my everything that I wanted. || Back to top.

♥ One night, lonely girl finally met her right one.. He's charming, nice and funny. Crushed. She cant believes that she met a nice guy like him, her heartbeats getting faster when she's looking at him, she tried to not looking at him and scared she'll fallen in love with him... And the most important is.. she knows that he's not available at all... His heart still belongs his loved ones..
Maybe this was the reality and the brighter side? She's no longer meet this guy anymore.. She's even hopes that she dont ever meet this guy in her life anymore... Time heals everything...

How long she needs to wait for a right guy again? Sigh...

Argghh. See, pro pessimist is started to think negatively again =(
I cant always wants my things at my own way, really...
Some bad, some good... Nothing much more important than my family and old friends.
Thou I've been met bad friends, bad things or even worst.. But I learned and grow... Girl must be tough and strong indeed XD

My happy moments with my old secondary school classmates!!! I cant really live without them,
they're the one and only, we care for each other, we share everything, we plan everything and go through it together no matter how bad is it =) Thanks for everything^^ I heart you all!!
On thrusday. Me, Wan Teng, Kit Ping and Ee Tian went to Maju Junction Mall for the interview of the coming Maxis Roadshow in swang. At first, we did lost and dont no where's the stupid Maju mall located... But finally we found it together and walked by many roads and drivers thought we're the tourist hahaha XD Caused we kept pointing here pointing that in the middle of the road hehe XD
After interviewed, we went to KFC for lunch^^

Dearest Kit Ping aka daigor & fatty Tracy XD

After lunch, went to ts and swang for some shopping. Ee Tian did not follow us caused she got something to do. Plan to watch movie but dont have any nice movies that day, so we went for sing k session at Neway hehe...

Moi, Kit Ping and Wan Teng^^

Model wannabe ngek ngek =p

Smooch from Daigor hehe XD

Then, Wan Yin and Yi Wei came too. Really long time didnt meet them haha^^ Happy to see them hehehe XD

Shopping is the best therapy ever!!!!!!

Okay larh. Lazy liao..

Next update- Mist Club night!!! Hehehe

Stay Tunes yah^^ Smooch.


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