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Saturday, March 14, 2009 | 9:43 PM
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♥ Hello =) It's been quite a long time to neglecting my blog, it's because Im busy for my studies after my college had started and nothing really happening nowadays... and my laziness of course =p

Speaking about my studies, some of our tutors already gave us a few of assignments on the first week WTF argghh I hate short semester, really!! All subs are based on theories instead of praticals, I dont really like theory honestly. But I really have to fight for my studies to continue my course to my second year^^

But still, Im not that kind of student like bookworms or nerds that always stay at home and study for all day long, I still need some space for entertainment hahaha XD Parties, clubs, pubs whatever thing that's fun!! Will update my Quattro night soon. I've admited Im not a good student ngek ngek..

Ohh and sadest thing is, my BabyT cellphone!!!!! Really sad when Im thinking about her... She's not waterproof at all and my stupid water bottle spilt the water out in my bag... The handphone is not really functioning after the water 'flow' into her, the keypads are burnt indeed. I forgotten I've to off my cellphone immediately and took off her battery out. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I cried and almost fainted that time!! Thou she's not an expensive and pretty looking cellphone, but for me she's my precious, useful compare to those useless guys outside, helpful and my all-day-must gadget =p I cant live without her...

And now, she was sent to the cellphone repairing shop. All I can do is wait for her for a few days and maybe will trade in for another cellphone sighh... Money is flying soon... I cant really let her go, I used her for almost 13 months and she's still functioning well and I'd take care of her everytime... =(
Come back to mama please...

I miss my BabyT, now I were forced to used my mum's cacat cellphone =(

Gotta go for my assignments..

Toodles XD