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Monday, March 2, 2009 | 4:13 AM
Mist Club Night =D || Back to top.

♥ Hello world =)
OMG.. I dont tag people wey ^^ Please co-operate ahh =) Dont call me to tag people too caused Im lazy ngek ngek =p

Ahhh my 5 weeks holidays finally comes to an end.. Really sad larh, Im gonna miss my holidays =( Our 3rd sem timetable finally posted up, 4 days classes in a week as usual. Monday dont have class but I still prefer no class on friday so I wont feel any hesitate to club on thrus night and rest on friday =( Pity me.. Lifestyle changed. I want friday larh!!!

Anyhow, I miss college's life too.. Felt like kinda empty and a little too free at home..
The next semester is a short semester. I heard my friend said short semester is kinda tough because you've to rush for everything like assignments, tests or exams in just a short semester. Sounds like so bad huh?! =(

Wish me luck.
Okay, back to the topic.

On friday, my bitches planned to join Zhan Yit and friends to club, of course Im joining them too. We went to Mist Club. It was our first time to club at there. Mist Club is packed with most indian than chinese sweat =p The indian's favourite club I guess haha ^^
Unfortunately, stupid operasi came and separated us for urine test after we reached there for a few minutes. WTF.
Totally speechless. My clubbing mood GONE. WTF.
Came here for just wasting our time..
Luckily, the stupid operasi finally finished their job. Omg, it was a long story...

DUH. Who cares? The music is back and so the ambiance. We're just wanna have fun hehe ^^
Drank a little alcohol and my mood is back haha, how fast XD

And of course. Dance like there's no tommorow. Dont stop the music...

Lets the pictures do the talking...

Freeze. Chooi Mei. Tracy

Me & Freeze =)

Quite for a long time did not seen her =p Me & Chooi Mei.

Yee Mun, Chooi Mei, Zhan Yit & Chee Liang =)

Partaaayy people!!!

Started to a little KO?!!

ZY. CM. YM and Wilson.

I'll be upset when looking this pic, dont no why?! Sigh =(

Crazy Chee Liang and Wilson. Hahahaa XD

Cameraman sudah KO....

The club closed for a little late due to the stupid operasi, disturbia bastards!!!

Went mamak after that then back home straight continue my beauty sleep. HEH.

Lazy liao. Byeeee.


best of Tracy.

p/s: Byebye boy... Let it go and move on =)