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Monday, March 30, 2009 | 2:59 PM
Im Always Alone. || Back to top.

♥ Hello =) Update my little recent story here =p Sorry for those emo and fucked- up thingy for my previous post. I really have no ideas what Im gonna to do next... Used all my last weekend to clear out my mind. Is it my problem, my attitude? Ahhh. I dont think Im wrong to those people honestly, I just wanna being myself all the time. Sorry if I offense you all. Nenenenene. I DONT CARE.

So how was everyone during Earth Hour? Switch off the lights or not? My mum did, but she just switched off our rooms, kitchen and all.. except the laptop and tv ==''' Gahhhhh.
Mostly our neighbourhood all doesnt switch off their lights also lorh. So does I, Im dressin up myself for later outing, so after 11pm went out then baru switched off my lights haha XD

Then, I felt damn guilty for skipping class for almost 4 times above. Tracy, it's week 5 for my short semester already. Behave!!!!! Always late for class and my stupid pro procrastination skill. How good. *Slapping my cheeks* Future depends on it!!!!

In college, I still always being so forgetful and paranoic. Please let me get through all those sadness... God bless me....

In Supper.

Clubbed in Supper. It's sucks larh. Go there just because of my friend and my loneliness whole day at home. Seafoods everywhere. I think Supper can be the best selling seafoods market haha. Kidding ^^

I had almost finish my Twilight. Going to buy the New Moon soon ^^ Most of the bookstore outlets like MPH and Borders already sold out for the Twilight and New Moon, left over for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. But the good thing is I found them at MPH outlet at Alpha Angle Jusco which is nearby from my college hehe. Cant wait for the New Moon movie on 2010^^

Watched a few of New Moon Fan Made Trailer. It was awesome yet really sad... Damn emo again after watching those videos haha. This is the link of the New Moon fan made Trailer. Enjoy^^


Have a hectic weekdays ahead ^^ Haha