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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | 1:47 AM
Fall For You. || Back to top.

♥ Hello =) I have the mood to blog a little here. Just came back from outing with friends. Hmm Im wondering and considering to cut my fringe like Niki's, is it it'll look better? HEH
It's been a long time didnt met her, I think around 5 weeks I guess... She slimmer than lastime I'd saw her. How good =)


I'd spent alots for this month. Really alots. It does really satisfied me, though. ngek ngek ngek XD

Eat too much. Shop too much. Drink too much. Insane & killer.
I didnt play too much. I didnt club more than twice in this month. How nice.
Gettin' more obedient. HEH

Love my new purple lens <3
I was kinda proud with my hair colour, many compliments from friends. *PERASAAN*

Cant wait for Transformer 2. Watching it soon babeeyy^^