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Saturday, February 7, 2009 | 7:30 PM
Sarangheiyo ♥ || Back to top.

♥ Hello world =] Sorry for lacks of updates hehe, due to my stupid cacat optical mouse(difficulty to update my blog) and busy for a workaholic's life haha =D Currently Im work for an event management company, doing sales for vodka and bacardi. My thought at first for this job is kinda fun and enjoy because the working place is either in pubs or clubs but I found that this is not an easy job urgh!! I have to forced to drink some alcohol and communicate with the customers which are the part that I really hate the most. But I think it's quite useful for my marketing course on doing sale skill I guess hehe. Alcohol really started makes me wanna puke when I saw them ><" and I hate to talk to those strangers (customers) but I forced to!!! To those people that really knows me well, I really dislike to talk to a stranger as Im quite a passive person hehe XD However I need to work hard to do more sales!!!
Hmm workaholic also need some rest also wert right? Hahaha Im sure wont refuse to attend some invitation for partaayy XD Went to Quattro Avenue K on friday night. It was my first time to club at Quattro. Haha nice interior design and with nice and friendly peoples there. Not much of teenagers but many adults. I love the four season theme in every season of the interior design of the club =] It's a nice recommended place for drinking session and meeting in the winter bar. Kinda suprised that Quattro is really packed like sardines on friday night. Had alots of fun and happening that night =]
Niki & me again. Where's my babe Teng eh?!

Me in the winter bar. A small tidy snow house :)

An angmo wanna take pic with me & Niki :) Niki what are you doing eh? haha XD

Stupid Adrian and friends keep forcing us to drink stupid black label, feel like wanna puke when seen any alcohol ishhh!!! No more alcohol larh please.... T.T

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Red Cliff 2

Bride War (Im comin' hehehe!!)

Gotta go now larh. Lazy to blog more due to my cacat mouse urgh =='

p/s: I hate myself for still missin' you so ... hope you'll come back one day sigh...