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Monday, February 9, 2009 | 9:53 AM
Nothing much precious than my girls =] || Back to top.

♥ Sighhh I did something that I really really wouldnt do... What happened if I did the wrong mistake again?! I hate the feeling, it's sucks. Sigh =[


Fuckin' insomnia really makes me sick these days urgghh!! I need some therapy for
it larh!!

Always woke up in the early morning then continue to be a pig after breakfast....

Die soon ==' hahaha =D

Awww back to the topic.

On sunday, my company held a meeting and an annual dinner for CNY. Every employees compulsory to attend the meeting =] Finished prepare then headed to Sunway office for the meeting. Everyone must reach to the office before 5pm but ended up the late one is our manager hehe... Since Im the newbie of the company, I met other collagues that havent met before. The other group girls and the PICs. Kinda shy at first, really dont no what to say. After meeting, we took some group pics of us.

After that, we headed to Cheras for dinner hehe ^^ The girls are so funny and friendly, glad to meet them and work together in a same company.

Can spot me in the pic? Omg most of them are so skinny. Envy them ><. Then, went to Neway for karaoke session.

Damn big lar the room.

Dont really in the mood for sing k that night, too many peoples in a karaoke room is not a good thing too. Maybe Im kinda shy so wont 'struggle' because of a mic haha =] Prefer for a smaller group in a karaoke room. Just camwhore and camwhore in the room.

Dear Sheynie and me. In KO-state haha =]

Sukiyo, Sheynie and me=]

Pity me really tipsy that night. The senior kept serves the beer for me T.T

I hate alcohol!!!


p/s: Haih I really dont no what I want, I did felt happy when you back.. But Im scared I trust a wrong person again.. sigh*


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