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Sunday, February 15, 2009 | 6:40 AM
My Life Would Sucks Without You. || Back to top.

♥ Hello everyone =) How was everyone's Valentine's day? Mine was nice yet simple haha^^ Thou just spent my time with my friends. Hmm what do I think about the Valentine's day? For me, if each couples are always maintain good in their relationship between of them, then everyday is Valentine's day. No matter what happened they'll still always stand by and care for each other and share everything between of them. It'll be great if I have a bf to spend with hehe =p. Anyhow, hope you all did enjoyed your Valentine's day with your special ones =)

However, I've to work on the Valentine's eve hehe... After work, went Niki's house for sleepover due to the inconvenience when I back home after work. I still miss my room badly that time haha.. We chit-chat untill early morning and woke up at 9am. WTF seriously tired that time!!! Almost felt asleep at her mum's shop.

Camwhored during working =) Dear & me.

After finished lunch with her parents, continue back home and my beauty sleep hehe. Feels so good when back home, I really love my home and my noisy family members hehe. Mummy's girl =) Then, got a call from my friends for karaoke session. I thought my V's day is gonna sleep and pamper myself at home for whole day honestly =( Pity me.

Lonely girl. *Innocent* =p

Me, Gary, Pei Pei, Wai and friends.

3 couples in the room just me and Gary. So called light bulbs? Er hemm..

Damn irritating and annoying when singing k with them. Being too sweet of them grrr! I felt so really jealous of them caused they found such nice bf/gf, but Im not okay!! Hahaha. Nah, maybe just a part of the night larh. Didnt really wanna dating that day thou got people asked my out. I still prefer hanging out with my friends.

Single life is good okay?! For those who against single larh.. whatever just crap here =)

Maybe the suitable time havent come yet. for me. Who knows? Love is in the air =)

Gotta to go now. Tired like hell x.x