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Friday, February 20, 2009 | 10:29 AM
Make up forever. || Back to top.

♥ I need more fresh airrrr!!! Sighhh... Yea, a real person's personality the ugly side perhaps? can figure it out when you know more and more about he/she... I know I should accept of the bad sides of hers, but I cant bear on it anymore, why even friendship can be so scary? Haihz =(

It's turn out so hurtful when she used to like that... and I thought she's the one who I can trust with... share everything with.. but... Sighing =( Exhausted.

Okay. Back to the topic.

Will you love me with your truly deepest heart?

Working time. Love soft curly hair.

On thrusday, went to SUB international school of make-up and beauty to help my babe Chooi Yan to be a make-up model for her and her classmates make-up test. It was great to became a make-up model for her classmates, Stephy. I really hope to be a make-up artist too. Hmm will consider about it later hehe =)

The make-up test topic is the bridal make-up. For me, I dont really like it larh haha shhh.. Bridal make-up needs loads of foundation and powder to create a high-coverage, porcelain like make-up look. Dark shade eyeshadow like black and dark purple and blend it together to create a glam smokey eyes make up with fake eyelashes. And with some blusher and highlights for rosey cheeks and 3D look. Finally with a littile of pinkish shimmery lip gloss and a little hair-do.

Me and my make-up artist Stephy.

Wan Teng and her make up artist Mei Yi.

Some gropie pics =)

Me, Ee Tian & Wan Teng =)

After the photograph session then camwhore and camwhore by our ownself =p

Ma Lao Si Fat Tracy & Wan Teng. Ngek Ngek =p

Can you notice our damn thick make-up wahaha XD

Ohh I love Ee Tian's dress-cheongsam. She looks gorgeous on it =D

After the make-up test and camwhore session, we felt hungry and went to Channel 6 for fulfill our empty stomach hehehe =) Chooi Yan cant join us caused she needs to send her lil bro to hospital. Long time didnt met my babes seriously. Miss them alots. Hang out and club nextime la Font sizewey ngek ngek =p

My lil goals chips...

-I want a driving license!!!! Aikss so damn inconvenience without a driving license haih =(

-Dieeettttttt DIET!! I looked fat in all photos haih... When I grow up I wanna be star I wanna be a first hot chick hehe... crapss

- I want a hair straightener and curler =p I love to set my hair !!!

Okay larh. Lazy liao.

Byeeeeeeee =p

Hug & kisses.