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Friday, February 27, 2009 | 2:20 AM
First DMK5 Genting Trip Part 2. || Back to top.

♥ Hello peeps =) Lets continue for the previous Genting trip post hehe XD Yea, I stopped the previous post at the go-karts session. Panda, Loke, Yin Yee and David did not go for the go-karts session so they go for another ride. After that, we went for the Cockscrew roller coaster. Im afraid of height and kinda refuse to go for the Cockscrew roller coaster, not that feeling well after played alots of rides at the theme park.. feel like wanna puke and dizzy that time...
But my thought for the moment is.. It's really kinda wasted to pay for the all-park ticket, should be play till siaoz wert right?! Stupid me haha =p Almost finished play all the rides accept the crazy space shooter

Cockscrew roller coaster was really fun eh!! Not that scary as I thought hehe^^ Others went for Space Shooter... I cant bear with the height of the Space Shooter, too high for me!!! Im gonna suffer from heart attack if I go for it haha XD Only left Chee Hui, Yin Yee and Cheng who are dare to challenge for the crazy Space Shootter haha =)

Three of them took it when we're playing for go-karts^^ Nice poser ngek ngek =p

Cyclone Cyclone!!! Mini mini ride^^

After that, we went for bumper boats hehe... I cant go into it due to my miniskirt haha^^ A lilttle too rude to go for that =) Just left me and David have to wait for them on the spot.

Chris, Chee Hui, Cheng, Yin Yee & Yenn went for the first round and they kept bang-ing each other haha^^ Most of them came out with wet shirt and pants hehe =p

Favourite groupie pics ^^ Peace!!!

The mist is getting thicker and thicker...

Chris and Cheng went back home earlier on the day, they're did not come to overnight with us. Sad lorh should be more fun if you two come overnight with us =(

Usually the theme park will closed at 7pm on normal day, since most of the rides are closed so we took the opportunity to take pictures as many as possible haha XD Peoples in theme park was getting lesser and lesser too.

Yay!!! =)

David, Yenn, Loke & Me.

Mr.Loke really loves to camwhore and camwhore wherever he goes aiyo XD It was my first to saw a guy like to camwhore that much in my entire life haha!!!

Chee hui gone insane that day, he likes to hug people wherever he goes, especially Yenn & Yin Yee hahahaha XD Behave yourself larh haha!!!

My most favourite pic of the trip!!!!





We love to show our booties !!!!! Shake it baby~ Shake it~

Nice hor?! Hehehehe^^ Everybody love this pic!!!

On the escalator also want to take pic!!!

Really took alots of pic!!! Even the entrance also want to take with many awkward and funny pose pictiures!! Hahaha XD Many laughter and fun, indeed ^^

Hugsss Hugiesss~~

Well done picture!!! Got feel lorh!!! XD Acting emo pulak =p

The last pic before we back to our hotel room^^

Soo exhausted after came back from the outdoor theme park.. Back to our hotel room and take a lilttle short rest and went Sushi King for dinner. All foods in genting are really darn expensive, even the sushi are more expensive than in KL one argghh!!

Then, we continue our rides at the indoor. Mini coaster for 3 times, bumper cars for 2 times, ferris wheel... to wait for the time past haha but we did had alots fun ^^ After the indoor rides are closed, we went back to our hotel room again and rest and plan for third round at Starbucks, but everyone really so tired so we just clean up ourself and playing cards at the guy's room.

The most awkward thing begin.....

Ms Ah Yenn started felt hungry and wanna eat cup noodles that Chee Hui and Loke brought. So everyone getting hungry too and grabs their own cup noodles and went out to get some hot water that're supply outside the hotel rooms. Yenn remembered to take out the guy's hotel room's card before she go out. ( Guy's room and girl's room are separated but inside there's a extra door among the guy's and girl's room ). Since the carpets outside of the hotel rooms are clean and the hot water supply is nearby from our room, so we walked out to take the hot water with our bare feet (no wearing shoes at all). The guys plan to eat the cup noodles outside the hotel rooms so that we're not gonna to dirty or mess up the rooms if the cup noodles are spill or what. Then, we plan to back our rooms since most of us are making noise outside and maybe disturb the others. Yenn inserted the card and open the door but the door is locked from inside. We cant go in since she's just took out the guy's room card. Everyone kept blaming each other that time hahaha!!! None of us can open the door so we forced to ask for help from Sitoe and Panda ( the next door of our rooms ) We cant go down to the lobby to ask for help with bare feets and pyjamas right?! hahahaha our shoes and everything are inside the room. Luckily, Sitoe and Panda asked for help from the staff to open the door. The staff bang the door and the door is finally unlocked hehehe ^^ How geng are him!!! We felt so paiseh that time hahahaha.. Blame the one who locked the door from inside larh!! XD

Then, it was almost 5am that time so everyone is getting really tired and go for rest... ZzZZzz

We packed everything and checked out before 12pm. Everyone bought their own bus tickets and back to their own house ^^

It was a fun and memorable trip, hope we can go for another trip together during the semester break again haha =) Holidays gonna end soon....... =(

Hope you all did enjoyed for the post!!!

Much of Loves.


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