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Thursday, February 26, 2009 | 1:56 AM
First DMK5 Genting Trip Part 1. || Back to top.

♥ This is gonna be our the one and only DMK5 class Genting trip. One word, fun but tiring =p Luckily we didnt used that much of money because most of them are prepared with alots of vouchers for theme park, foods and hotel rooms. It was really helpful and reduce our actual budget. So thoughful we are, sharing is caring =) Too bad Sotong Tan is not there with us =( She's still at her hometown.
At first, I did plan not going for the trip due to my job. But since this is the first genting trip with my college's mates and most of them are going, why not?! Im sure we'll really had alots of fun^^ Love them much much~ <3

Ahh we took alots of pictures!! Really alots, around 200+ of them hahaha. We captured every single happy moments we had =) I think I should separate into two parts of the trip hehe XD And I purposely blog this to all of my DMK5 classmates. Hope you all did enjoyed for the post^^

On Monday morning, we met up at titiwangsa bus station around 9am. Then we bought the bus tickets after all of them were arrived. Chee Hui & Loke prepared some foods for us incase we're hungry in the hotel rooms hehe.. Then, we went to First World Hotel to check in for our rooms. Since we still need quite long time to wait our room, so we go for lunch at Pizza Hut instead of waiting our turn in the hotel's lobby.

Having our lunch^^

Couples of the trip =) Zhi & Pei Min. Panda & Sitoe.

Enjoying their lovey dovey world so we purposely separated their table from us haha XD We dont wanna be a lightbulb wert hehe^^

After finished our lunch, we went back to the hotel's lobby and wait for our turn to check in. Some of us still busy camwhoring while waiting for the time past haha =)

We looks so tired. Most of us lacks of sleep before the trip, too exciting perhaps?! ^^

Me & Yenn camwhored in the toilet, again XD

After checked in for the hotel rooms, we rushed back to our rooms and take a short rest. Everybody really so tired but we still want to go to theme park and play till siaoz haha XD

Ermm... Please dont miunderstood yah!! Acting ML-ing hahaa XD

Yenn requested me to post it up hehe =]

Sadly, the weather are not so good and cloudy that time. We wasted time on considering to buy ticket for the theme park since the weather is not good at all. But lastly we decided to purchase the all-park tickets by the majority of us. We still can play indoor while outside is still raining =)

Pirates Ship was our first choice =) Not enough syok for the first time then go for the second time haha XD

Haha can you see them?! Still left some pirates ship's pics at David's hp =)

When we playing for the second round, the weather turns really cloudy and started raining, so we decided to back into the indoor theme park while waiting for the rains stop. We went for a small tiny 3D cinema hehe...

Peace!!!! ^^

Our pretty class representative Ah Yenn, Chris & Cheng.

In the tiny 3D cinema.

The shitty 3D thingy really make me so dizzy =='' Then, we went for bumper cars and mini coaster. After that, we continue for the outdoor park since the rain seems getting stop soon. We went for go-karts. Ohh my favourite one!!! They kept teasing me dont no to drive since I dont have a drving license arghh ><"

Wearing shower cap before go for the go-karts session!!!

Okay, I'll stop here then^^

Still alots of things to blog for the next part two. More pics comin' soon =p

Stay tunes yah muacks~


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